penny stock list

Penny Stocks List

The stock market is the place where one can do wonders if he has the right understanding and knowledge of stocks. In India, most of the biggest stock market players are the one who has purchased multi-bagger stock or penny stock from the penny stocks list in past and now had Crore plus worth portfolio because of these stocks.

I had carried out some research and found a list of penny stocks that has the potential to become a multi-bagger by 2025. I recommend you read this post before making an investment in any penny stock.

What is a Penny Stock?

In India, Penny stocks are the shares of small public companies that trade at low prices and volume in NSE and BSE. These stocks can have a low value of Rs 1 or below as well.

Because of their low price, these stocks have the potential to multiply their investor’s return by many fold times when strong buyer demand is raised in these stocks but since they are not so much tradable and most of the time it is difficult to find the buyers of it in normal days..

The penny stock’s low price may be either due to the very small size of the company, decline of the business, Financing problem, or any other issue which results in the loss of investor interest on a share. These shares have huge risks and can cause loss of your complete investment but sometimes in the bully run these stocks’ value increase manyfold and give a huge return to their investor.

Multibagger Penny stocks for 2025

Below I have collected a list of multibagger penny stocks for 2025. All these stock has the potential to become multibagger penny stocks but before investment, you need to ensure that you would not invest all your investment in a single stock. First, you need to track these stock performances for the next 4 to 12 weeks then to start investment select your favorite 5 stocks and invest a minimum of Rs 1oo in each stock. Later on as the stock price of your invested stock increase, you should gradually increase your investment in that stock of your portfolio.

Penny stocks list

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Does Penny Stocks are worth of investment?

Penny stocks price is volatile in nature. These stocks tend to move for a short period of time and later after some time, their price starts Downard a fall journey. However, in some cases where the company starts performing well some share keeps making their new highs and sometimes increase their value from single-digit share price to 2 digit or three-digit share price. As these penny stock price increase the number of buyers in the stock market also increase and at this moment these stock become multi-bagger for their investors. But it is quite hard to predict when this bull run will start and where will it ends up hence patience is the key to Penny’s stock investment. Therefore Penny stock investors is always advisable that they diversified their investment in 4 to 5 different penny stocks so that if any one of them moves forward at a price all penny stocks’ investments with good returns can be recovered from the sale of stock.

Can you get rich doing penny stocks?

Yes, you can get rich doing penny stocks but how much time and the investment amount will be required to do so cannot be predicted.

In penny stock investment patience and diversification is the only key for investors. As an investor you need to continually follow the stock movement and to predict which stock is bull run. Sometimes it took more than a decade for a penny stock to get enter into a bull run and become a multi bagger but whenever it does you get an unexpected return and prize for your patience.

Can we invest 10 Rs in shares?

Yes, you can invest Rs 10 in shares. All you need is a Demat and trading account for investment. In the stock market, if the stock price which you want to buy is below Rs 10 then you can bid to purchase it. If the seller accepts your offer then the share will be credited and the amount will be deducted in your account. Above is the list of penny stocks. Each stock in this list has a price below Rs 10/-  

Which penny stock is best?| Which is the cheapest share to buy?

Below I have mentioned a few of the best penny stocks which have given good returns in the last few months for your reference. You can add them to your wish or favorite list for penny stock tracking.

Company Name Average traded price in a month Volume
RattanIndia Power Ltd 5 360000
South Indian Bank Limited 8 890000
A B Infrabuild Ltd 10.0 8000
Tamil Nadu Telecommunications Ltd 9.4 7843
PAE Ltd 6.9 129933


Penny Stocks are those shares that trade at low prices and low volumes. They are the high-risk shares due to high volatility and low volume trade. Mostly these shares work under upper or lower circuits where either new buyers or sellers are restricted to carry out trade. It is true that this share has high risk but in a bull run, if any one of these share prices starts rising there are always changes that can increase the investor return to many times. Patience and diversification is the only way through which any investor can get any return from penny stock. Above I had mentioned high return complete penny stocks list for your tracking purpose.

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Note: The writer is not a SEBI Register advisor. All the above information mentioned in the blog is based on past data and for educational and information purposes only. The writer does not advise any type of investment. It is always advisable that the reader must use his own discretion or SEBI register advisor opinion before making any investment in stock.

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