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The potential returns from cryptocurrencies depend on the caliber of the underlying projects in the long run. However, established projects in the crypto space are mostly saturated, as revealed by their huge market caps. It makes little sense to purchase them as an investment. If you want to make significant returns from cryptocurrencies, you need to buy them young.

Projects distribute their tokens at a discount before exchange listings to fund their early-stage developments. This article takes a look at the eight
best crypto presales
that have the potential to give 10X returns in 2022.

8 Top new cryptocurrency presales for 10X 2022

The crypto market is in no dearth of tokens. With some development skills, anyone can launch a crypto project and a token. The number of rug pulls and substandard projects are on the rise; finding a project that is actually worth investing in can be tricky.

1. Battle Infinity (IBAT) — Overall best upcoming cryptocurrency presale

2. Aura Network (Aura) — Much-awaited blockchain project of 2022

3. Fusotao (TAO) — Top upcoming decentralized trading protocol

4. Cyberium (ESPN) — Immersive gaming world on Binance Smart Chain

5. Koakuma (KKMA) — Best multiplayer online ARPG game

6. Crypto Blocks (BLOCKS) — DAO for Minecraft enthusiasts

7. WagerGang (GANG) — Where sports wagers meet MetaFi and P2E

8. MCity (MCT) — SocialFi metaverse with diverse streams of income

1. Battle Infinity (IBAT) — Overall best upcoming cryptocurrency presale

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Battle Infinity tops our list of the best upcoming crypto projects for bringing fantasy sports to an immersive metaverse. The gripping play-to-earn platform features multiple battle games where you can interact, perform, watch, and explore the virtual world Battle Arena.

If you’re wondering what a virtual fantasy sports game is, here is how it works. Fantasy virtual sports can be any popular sports like cricket, football, hockey, kabaddi, and tennis. They are brought to a virtual platform where players can form their virtual teams and compete with other teams. Players are rewarded in crypto tokens with real-world value based on their performance in the game. We know how popular video sports games are. Battle Infinity takes it to the next level in a blockchain-metaverse space.

The advanced gaming mechanics on Battle Infinity are designed to encourage traditional gamers to enter Web3. It has six different products underway that form a complete gaming ecosystem for players.

  • Battle Swap — A decentralized exchange that works like a bank entity for the Battle Infinity ecosystem. You can buy IBAT tokens directly and exchange your rewards for other currencies using the platform. It is integrated with the marketplace, game store, and arena.
  • Battle Market — A marketplace for in-game assets like characters and weapons tokenized using BEP721. The value of the assets is determined by their rarity.
  • Battle Games — A multiplayer game store where gamers can access multiple NFT-based P2E games.
  • Battle Arena — A metaverse world that is accessed by unique avatars. Apart from battles, it hosts events like concerts and parties from time to time.
  • Battle Staking — A platform where you can stake your assets in exchange for perks and privileges in the ecosystem.
  • IBAT Premier League — The world’s first NFT-based fantasy sports game in the metaverse.
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As you can see, Battle Infinity has a comprehensive ecosystem that combines play-to-earn and metaverse elements. IBAT, the BEP20 utility token of Battle Infinity, connects the six products discussed above. It is your key to unlock all the features of the metaverse. For example, IBAT gives you entry to the platform. You can buy custom characters, lands, and weapons using IBAT. You can advertise on the Billboards inside the metaverse with IBAT. You can stake IBAT in the battle pool to enter access games. As the ecosystem unfolds, more utility will be integrated into the token.

Battle Infinity is one of the most promising projects in the crypto-metaverse landscape. IBAT presale is now live on the official website of Battle Infinity. It’s your chance to stock them up before the rates skyrocket on exchanges.


2. Aura Network (Aura) — Much-awaited blockchain project of 2022

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It is a scalable, agile, and seamless Layer-1 blockchain designed to accelerate the mass adoption of NFTs. The goal is to build a unified solution for minting, evaluating, querying, and transacting NFT. Aura Network comes with a comprehensive ecosystem that will cater to this mission.

The decentralized NFT infrastructure will be optimized to bring forth a community model that gives power back to users. It will be governed by the community members instead of relying on other layer-1 blockchains. While ecosystems like Ethereum and Solana insist on building everything on top of their blockchain, Aura Network thinks beyond. Ultimately, the old approach congests the blockchain with too many unrelated transactions. If you were to solve it, you will have to give up either security or decentralization. Aura, on the other hand, is focused only on NFTs. This gives it the bandwidth to design the platform for better performance, security, and use cases.

Interested in Aura and its unique value propositions? You can claim the token for a discount at the AURA token sale that will go live later this month.

3. Fusotao (TAO) — Top upcoming decentralized trading protocol

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Fusotao is a verified decentralized trading protocol that sequentially matches your data so that you can make trades independent of trust. It introduces a new system that keeps your assets safe and secure.

Fusotao holds user assets and verifies the matching transactions from off-chain exchange services. This way, DEXs that use Fusotao Protocol can distribute rewards to communities by trading on the DEXs or directly staking tokens. Fusotao introduces a new set of tokenomics incentive mechanisms that enables all participants to be a part of the Fusotao ecosystem. It will reward block packers, transaction certification service providers, transaction participants, and community governance to achieve sufficient liquidity, security, and stability of on-chain financial products.

The project is granted by NEAR foundation and Octopus Network, which further stresses its relevance and potential. All of these features make Fustotao one of the best cryptocurrency presales of this year. Fustotao token sale is scheduled for later this month.

4. Cyberium (ESPN) — Immersive gaming world on Binance Smart Chain

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Cyberium is a gaming metaverse where you can explore an open world through immersive games and quest lines. The virtual space is designed for P2E gamers and NFT/blockchain/metaverse investors. As a gamer, you can plan and earn from the platform, monetizing your gaming skills and free time. And as an investor, you can hold ESPN tokens to profit from the growth of the platform.

ESPN is the governance token of the Cyberium ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain. It facilitates transactions and an array of utilities within Cyberium. For example, you can stake ESPN tokens to earn passive income. The token gives you voting rights, which you can exercise to influence key decisions regarding the project. You can also buy assets, equipment, avatars, lands, or upgrade your collections using ESPN. It is one of the best crypto presale coins.

While you can earn ESPN by participating in Cyberium tournaments and championships once the game is live, you can buy them early on in the upcoming token sale scheduled for later this month.

5. Koakuma (KKMA) — Best multiplayer online ARPG game

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Koakuma is a multiplayer online ARPG game that features immersive combat systems and mechanics within a graphics-intensive metaverse. You could call it a P2E Gamefi 2.0 project. Koakuma is packed with features that allow you to play, explore, and earn from the metaverse. The epic battles are built for gaming enthusiasts, featuring NFT weapons and in-game assets that can be traded in a decentralized manner.

As a ‘witcher’, you explore the game fighting against other players and collecting attractive digital assets with real-world value. The meta world ensures consistent and sustainable participation from gamers by focusing on the design and story elements.

The storyline revolves around a meteorite that hit Earth’s surface, splitting it into pieces. What was once a wasteland is now turned lively by the collision that caused a downpour of rain. The metaverse is now rich with creatures and then civilization. However, each geographical location has different climates and cultures. The sociopolitical differences between inhabitants pave the way for epic battles to acquire more territory. Your gaming skills, weapons, and power determine your chance for victory and, of course, rewards.

6. Crypto Blocks (BLOCKS) — DAO for Minecraft enthusiasts

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Crypto Blocks is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that is home to a collection of 10,000 NFTs and $BLOCKS tokens. The open-source initiative on the Ethereum network is run by people from across the globe to nurture the blockchain arena. The NFTs and tokens are paired with a game that bears resemblance to MINECRAFT. The goal is to bring the experience to the blockchain, staying true to one of the greatest games of all time. The 10,000 NFTs are ranked by rarity, where higher tiers get you exciting perks like access to the Crypto Blocks Educate program. All the features make Crypto Blocks (BLOCKS) one of the best cryptocurrency presales to watch out for.

7. WagerGang (GANG) — Where sports wagers meet MetaFi and P2E

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This list of the best new cryptocurrency presales ends with WagerGang, a platform where Sports Wagers meet MetaFi and Play-To-Earn. It is the world’s first decentralized play pool provider for sports and esports events. While most traditional bookmakers manipulate users by fixing the odds and taking a substantial cut from the rewards, ‍WagerGang aims to make a difference by bringing more transparency and decentralization to wagers on sports contests. It achieves this by using a blockchain-powered smart contract that is ‘completely original’.

WagerGang eliminates the odds on sports events by opting for an ‘Automated Play Pool’ (APP), which works quite similar to a liquidity pool. The assets participants add to the pool are divided among winners in proportion to their wager. There is more, the tokens you add to the APP are considered staked. This essentially means that your funds in the APP generate you a good passive income over time, in addition to winning you prediction rewards.

$GANG serves as the utility token of the WagerGang ecosystem. The token built on Binance Smart Chain has a total supply of 20,000,000.

8. MCity (MCT) — SocialFi metaverse with diverse streams of income

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MCity is a SocialFi platform where you can interact with friends, family, and like-minded people in a single 3D game. You can meet other users, play games, and generate income from Mcity, all while having fun. The platform opens up diverse streams of monetization, which will potentially drive the value of MCT tokens. For example, you can buy land plots in Mcity and trade them for a profit as the project grows a large user base. Or, you can create experiences on Mcity in exchange for fees from platform users. On the other hand, brands can use the platform for advertising. It will bring everything that social media does to the metaverse.

These are the best cryptocurrency projects to look forward to in 2022. Although they belong to various sectors from gaming to DeFi and NFTs, their unique visions and ambitious roadmaps bring them together. Make sure you do independent research before investing in these projects.

Battle Infinity has the highest growth potential because of its compelling ecosystem that brings fantasy sports to the metaverse. The wide ecosystem caters to both crypto and non-crypto gamers within a gripping play-to-earn mechanism.


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