New AG loan customer care number | AG loan app review

If you have installed the AG app on your mobile. You are looking for an AG loan customer care number. It means you might have gotten trapped in this app trick chain.

Before understanding the actual Business model first you need to understand about this App

What is AG LOAN APP?

AG loan app is an instant personal loan transfer app. You can apply for a loan from it and get the credit in your account immediately.

Where is AG LOAN APP available for download?

You can easily download it from the Google Play store with the given link AG LOAN -Mobile online Cash 

Which Company has designed AG LOAN APP?

AG loan APP is designed by Aulrcial Tech Private Limited .as per AG loan app description. During the online search, the Aulrcial Tech Private limited firm is not traceable. Such name company details are neither available in the APP store nor in the government-private limited company database.

How much loan you can get from AG LOAN APP?

As per the app description, you can apply a loan amount from Rs 3000/- to Rs 2,00,000/-

In Actual loan sanction amount will be around Rs 5000 only.

How much processing charges AG LOAN APP charge on sanction amount?

As per the APP description Service charges are “0”. In actuality, APP took minimum Processing charges of 30% of the sanction loan amount. These charges will be recovered from the sanction loan amount.

How many portions of the actual sanction amount AG LOAN APP transferred to your bank account?

AG loan App will transfer the fund after deduction of min 30% of processing charges from your sanction loan amount. It means if the loan sanction amount is Rs 5000/- then only Rs 3500 will be given to you.

What is the Rate of interest AG loan App charge on your loan sanction amount?

As per the APP description, the rate of interest is 10% to 28% per year.

Actually, they are charging a 300% per day interest rate.

Who are eligible for AG loan app?

As per the AG loan App description, only the following people are eligible for a loan

1. Must be a resident of India.
2. He/she should be over 18 years old.
3. Have a fixed source of income.
4. Hold a valid ID.

AG loan App review in app store

While going through the AG loan app review in-app store. It is strange that all users of foreign names (Names that are not of Indian origin) gave a positive review. Whereas all Indian origin name users report this app as a fraud app. This means only that all positive reviews are paid or fake to attract more and more customers.

Few such reviews are shown below

APP Positive Review


Ag loan
AG loan app positive review

APP negative review

AG loan app negative review

AG loan customer care number

There are no AG loan customer care numbers. As per the app description – below are the contact details of the AG loan app

Contact address: Abdul Rajak Wangde, Ajmer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Working time:Monday -Friday 9:00am-18:00pm

How does the AG loan app Business model work?

AG loan App Business model work on a 60:40 ratio. AG loan app will sanction you a loan of Rs 5000 minimum for 6 days and transfer Rs 3500 in your savings account after deducing their processing fee of Rs 1500.

Now after 6 days heavy recovery process starts. AG loan app recovery agent starts calling you for recovery of the amount of Rs 6000/- against your sanction loan. they will threaten you to pay back.

Now their actual business starts if only 40% paid them Rs 6000 and 60% does not payback. Even then they have a profit of 14%. This profit percentage increase with the increase in percentage on the person who paid back Rs 6000/-. Hence AG loan app recovery team is the main earning team is the recovery team.

Where to complain about AG loan App issue?

Now what to do if the AG loan app has sent you 3500 in your account and you do not want this loan.

In such a case, you must follow mentioned steps.

  1. As soon as amount credit to your saving account . You must drop a mail to AG loan app Email: that you donot want this loan and want to repay it .Ask them to share their account detail where you can send back the money
  2. If within 24 hrs no reply received from AG loan app Email .Then you must visit your bank branch and submit the written request to your bank to return back the amount received from AG loan app in your account to the originating bank account from where this money is send.( you can also file the complaint in you bank website as well)
  3. after 24 hrs file the complaints as RBI ombudsman RBI Complaint portal –Reserve Bank Of India ( and Cyber Cell complaint portal- Cyber Crime Portal stating that this loan is wrongly credit in you account irrespective of your consent.

Keep the complaint receipt with you as quote back all those complaints reference when AG Loan app recovery team call back and told them that you would return back on a Received amount, not an interest.

Few suggestion for those who need a quick loan

These days too many online frauds are occurring on daily basis and sharing your detail on any website or app just for ease of loan is never recommended as this information can further be used by criminal minds for doing illegal activities. Hence If you need any loan then you must first approach your bank only.

These days banks are also giving loans without documentation through their online app and website ( Pre-approved personal loan ) but to avail of such an offer, there are only three main requirements-

  1. You must update your PAN card and addhar details in your bank account.
  2. You must do all transanction through your account only . It means that all your money must go through your account only .. if you are salaried then you must take salary in your saving account ( even if your received cash salary or has cash business then also you must deposit all that received money in account at once – Later on you can withdraw it as well).
  3. Keep your loan repay history clean. It means you must pay all your Loan EMI timely without any delay .

Final words

AG loan app is a quick loan app for those who want an easy loan without any documentation. APP use paid and fake reviews to increase their customer base. It’s also true that App will credit the amount in your saving account but they recover almost double from you within a week’s time. Such an app work on aggressive recovery principal and is always in search of more and more customer from whom they can recover the double amount more quickly. It is always recommended that if you need a loan then you must approach your bank first instead of such a loan app.

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